Another session for cc

I think that I'm going to steal the rounded corner idea, lol.

Back on subject:

These are very well done, with a few exceptions.

#1 - The colors seem off. It looks a bit reddish to me.

#'s 2 & 4 you've cut off limbs. #2 just the foot bothers me. With the angle and grass, the elbows are no big deal. In #4, however, the elbows are a focal point because of the pose. #5 is ok cropped this way because the whole image is cropped close. I would recommend a slightly wider crop for #4. The color in #2 is really good, as is the contrast in #4. :thumbup:

#6 has the same color issue as #1. You may have been doing it on purpose, but it's not my cup of tea (bad analogy, I hate tea, lol).

#7 is over exposed, but not horribly. I actually like it.

Well done! :thumbup:

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