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    I've just been looking at some of Ansel Adams photographs again, and although I appreciated them before, now that I've gotten more serious about photography, I can really appreciate them.

    Not just his work at Yosemite, although that is oustanding. I'm more impressed by the pictures he recorded at Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Have you ever seen his shot of Old Faithful? I've seen a lot of pictures of Old Faithful, but none as striking as his.

    I got a book from the library, "Ansel Adams In Color". His color photos rivaled the quality of those from today.

    The sad part is that despite his influence, too few people know about his great contributions to photography. I was talking to my neighbor about photography and how influential Ansel Adams was, automatically assuming she'd know who I was talking about, especially since she just turned 78. But she interupted and said, "Who's Ansel Adams?"

    I just had to share my thoughts, including this one; no one has been a bigger influence on me than Ansel Adams, and I'm not sure anyone will be.


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