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Nov 12, 2015
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Any thoughts on this picture? Not edited any and taken while messing around.
well it's an image, a little out of focus image, of a dog. He's (she?) is a little shy, hiding behind the zebra blanket. The image looks like you weren't trying and didn't edit it at all.

Seriously, perhaps you should try, and edit.
I could see why the dogs owner would find it a cute image. Little appeal for anyone else.
Cute photo, poor lighting on the dog's face, especially eyes. Could possible fix in post processing. The line of the door behind the dog's head is distracting.
The dog it's a little bit unfocused and dark, the right side of his (her) face it's even darker.You can try to adjust it in photoshop by adding some curves and levels, or in lightroom9 it's your decision), next time try to catch his(her) entire face.I like how he(she) is looking a little bit shy and it's hiding behind that blanket (like Trever said)
It looks like you missed focus but nothing really looks in focus to me.Poor lighting on the eyes and the blankets take up about half the frame.Animals are difficult to shoot getting them to stay still unless sleeping. I would try again with a better background with no blankets or door frames perhaps outdoors In some open space.
Your shutter speed was too slow (1/14th of a second). I think there is a little bit of camera shake going on, probably the reason why the whole frame seems out of focus. You probably would have been better off using the on camera flash, and reducing the red eyes in post.

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