Any good deals for Black Friday?


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Nov 13, 2007
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I'm really on the fence with taking my H3 back and trying for something bigger, however i don't know if it's gonna be worth it. Do camera prices drop drastically around this time? I have no clue.....


*edit* hmm found this, yay or nay?

I think that's a really good deal for the camera! Better get there early, theres only 8 per store.

I'm excited for Black Friday but even more so, Cyber Monday.

"In recent years, Cyber Monday has become a busy day for online retailers, with some sites offering low prices and other promotions on that day." (Wiki)

Hopefully, I can find some good deals! I'll post them if I do.
cyber monday looks much more promising...even though black friday is a known holiday thing...cyber monday in recent years (probably the last 2)...has been quite something.
Don't know if anybody minds Costco, but they had a deal on Xsi with 18-55 IS and 55-250 IS for $849 (thats a solid $50 savings over the best deals I have seen for those items elsewhere), and Nikon D90 with two VR lenses (18-XX? + 55-200VR) for $1399.

Not bad deals IMHO...

Happy Thanksgiving to all...
Every ad I've looked at has the Nikon D40 / 18-55 for $449.95. Also, everywhere seems to have the XS in the newspaper ads, but I don't remember what the prices were.

Here's my wonderment. Every box store (Walmart, Best Buy, etc.) all have the D40 or either the XS or XSi. Why is it that they all have such an old beginner Nikon, but they have the latest beginner camera from Canon? That seems odd to me. I guess people are snagging up D40s up so fast, the stores aren't interested in the newer Nikons.
I've participated in Black Friday for the past few years and it appears this year is the worst so far...I have yet to find any deals that are really amazing like the past few years.
This Black Friday seems to be full of $10 DVD's and Wii games so they get you into the store and maybe you will buy a TV... current economic status is hurting all the stores too... The tech pro's that I talk to say that in January we should see rock bottom prices on a lot of electronics. January is usually the month for price cuts in the tech sector, but because of the economic status this year should be a record.
For all the dutch people:

Black Friday has found it's way to The Netherlands. Macstores are doing the whole Black Friday thing as well with discounts. Haven't heard about any deals yet, but should be good?

Just a FYI i think :)


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