Any Good photography blogs around?


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Apr 2, 2009
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Just starting out properly again after taking photos on and off for about 1-2 years and i'm wondering if there are any good inspirational blogs around?

At the moment i don't really know of many photographers to get some inspiration from so im looking for somewhere to get daily update with new photos and maybe tips etc?

I know there must be some great blog about on this but cant seem to find them.
Well the best blog I have come across is this one:
Overread’s Weblog
though the guy writing it really needs to update it soon (and he should be at some point ;))

After that there is this one:
No Cropping Zone
some of the best advice and inspiration for macro photography out there - especailly if your into greater than 1:1 macro work

then there is:
Zack Arias - Atlanta based editorial music photographer » Transform :: A short film for
not read much of his work but a solid blogger by all accounts and that page has a fantastic video about photography which is well worth watching (the rest of his site is well worth reading also though its not my area)

Strobist is already listed and that is a great resource for flash advice
This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but I'm kind of partial to Of course, it's mine. :blushing:

I try to give some useful tips, mostly about good locations to shoot in South Dakota. My current post is how to shoot lightning, though, and it applies to anywhere.
Im gonna go ahead and promote my site also. It features tutorials, photos and camera/lens prices for beginners and pros alike.

Site's on my sig.

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