Any Hope with Nikon D50?


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Jul 22, 2013
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Hey everyone!

I've always wanted to really refine my photography skills, and I finally took the initiative to actually do it. After reading up on the basic technical aspects, I picked up my dad's old Nikon D50 to start shooting around. I was dissapointed with the results. I played around with the ISO and aperture but nothing really worked. Even with the lowest ISO (200) and from low-high apertures, the pictures turned out grainy and blurry (especially indoors, even with natural lighting). They were much worse than when I used to shoot on auto--but I want to move past that mode so I can make my pictures more creative and better quality.

Basically, my question is this: is my problem primarily user error, or is the Nikon D50 just not up to par with the newer cameras? Could I possibly get decent pictures with it? If not, what's an inexpensive camera I could upgrade to? It doesn't have to be DSLR, but I would like a camera with the options to adjust aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc.

Thank you!
The Nikon D50 is old and outdated and have limitations. But it can still produce beautiful images. A quick search in flickr on Nikon D50 yield a lot of beautiful photos.

One of the forum member RMThompson used to shoot with D50 before he upgrade to D90. He had some nice model photos coming out from the D50.

As for the grainy and blurry photos, maybe the photos were taken with insufficient light.
The quality of a digital camera doesn't degrade over time. It will still produce the same quality today as it did on the first shot.

Perhaps you could post a couple samples here, or a link to them, so we can SEE the issue.
I agree with Dao. The D50 is definitely an "old" outdated camera but there's no reason you shouldn't be able to produce perfectly decent photos with it.

I'd suggest you post a couple of examples here and let some of the very skilled, capable experts help you figure out what you're doing wrong.

EDIT: I also agree with sparky...obviously, since we both said much the same thing. He just typed it faster and posted while I was still working on mine... :D
Alright, don't laugh at these--I'm lacking in subject matter, and right now am more concerned with getting proper exposure. Then I'll focus on composition.

Hi KMM - the D50 was my first DSLR (it's still sitting in the closet). There is nothing wrong with that camera - my wife and I took some great pictures with it - and there is certainly nothing "wrong" with your photographs. You may have needed a little faster shutter speed and sharper focus on that hamster, but if you work on your lighting, focus and composition, you'll be fine.


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I agree. The D50 is a great camera.

Like any camera, you have to know it's limitations and work within those bounds.

The notion a D50 is outdated is absurd.

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