Any pointers for photography in NC mountains in fall?


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Mar 20, 2009
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Wilmington, NC
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My wife is from Asheville, NC and we are visiting next weekend. Foilage should be fairly colorful and we plan to spend at least a full day exploring the parkway and what not. Any special tips and/or advice? I've been shooting jpeg but I think I'm going to swap to RAW for this venture.
Buy/bring a polarizing filter to enhance colours, contrast and saturation, bring wide glass and a tripod (so that you can create panoramic captures). I would most definitely shoot RAW (I prefer RAW+JPG; a lot of people say it wastes space, but these days memory cards are cheap like Borchst).
CP is a polarizing filter. There are two types of polarizers, linear and circular. They both do essentially the same thing, however because of the way that linear polarizers work, they interfere with the auto-focus on most modern cameras. If you see "Polarizer" in these forums, it's safe to assume that it is a Circular Polarizer/CPOL/CP being referred to.
ok thats what i was wondering if u were referring to a CP or not (sorry i didnt put linear). i have a CP, but i swear it makes my pics look unfocused. maybe bc its cheap?
I've been doing the BRP for several years in October with another couple. We decided to start at the top at MM (mile marker) 0 and head south to the end. This will take a few years to complete. I love the Asheville area. Obviously Biltmore Estate is a sight to see for the house as well as the garderns. Black Mountain just north of Asheville is quite an artist community as Asheville has become more affluent.

For the BRP, I'd suggest to head south at least to the Devil's Courthouse at MM 422. It is a fairly steep hike, but great view. You will have passed Looking Glass Falls, Looking Glass Rock and Graveyard Fields on the way. These are worth a stop and looksy. Graveyard Fields should have some great colors.

If you have time, take Highway 276 (near Cold Mountain.... yep, the movie) to Brevard (home of the white squirrel) and find Dupont State Forest in Transyvania County. You will have three great falls to view on the trail... High Falls, Triple Falls and Hooker Falls. All three plus Bridal Veil Falls further down, were featured in the film the Last of the Mohicans. This can be a good day hike and the best tip is to have two cars. Park one at the bottom (Hooker Falls) and start the hike from the top (High Falls). Go retrieve the car at the top now.

Keep in mind that the weekends during this time of the year, BRP gets congested. Leave early, stay late and bring plenty of patience. Bring lunch, liquids and snacks. There are plenty of places to pull over and have a bite. A spread to sit on isn't a bad idea either.

Have fun.

A good book for hiking trails and waterfalls is North Carolina Waterfalls, A Hiking and Photography Guide by Kevin Adams
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thanks! we've been almost all those places as my wife is from there, but never this time of year. im stoked to see some color up there. its always been mid summer, or dead winter when we go, so the color is lackluster.

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