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Sep 9, 2007
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I wasn't sure if it's up to me to find the settings, which it probably is...but tonight I'm going to my old school's hockey game to take pictures. The arena is bright, but a little dark at the same time. I've never shot inside a hockey rink, and I was just wondering if anyone had some preset settings they use. Also, I'm using 400speed film...any good for that kind of thing? I have 100...which is better?
if those are your only two I would go with the 400. Might want to go higher if you have the chance. also what type of lights do they have at the arena?
i haven't looked real good, but i believe they are overhead lights. it's an inside arena.
We can't tell you the settings to use, that depends on the light level in the arena.

Use the 400 film, you are going to need it.

As you know, hockey is a fast moving will probably want to freeze the action as much as possible, rather than have blurry photos. This means that you will need fast shutter speeds. The 400 film will help...but it will also depend on the lens that you have. It may be best to take your shots when the players aren't flying by you...wait for moments when they are fairly still.

Also, keep in mind that the ice will tend to trick the camera's you will probably have to increase the exposure a bit.
Definately do not use the 100. The brightness of those overhead lights are deceptive thy may look bright to your eyes but your camera will not see it that way. As far as settings go just do what your camera's meter tells you.

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