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Jun 1, 2009
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Woodstock, CT
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A lens wider than 28mm for a Minolta MD mount or a way to mount a wider lens to that mount?

The adapters I'm finding are MD to T-mount and M42 only. I can't find anything short to put on those.
Minolta made a 16/2.8 fisheye in MC and MD mount. They also made a 17mm f/4, and a 20mm/2.8 MD, and a pretty affordable 24mm/2.8.

I'd check Adorama's used department, or KEH or B&H for some sales leads.
I guess I need to keep checking.... The widest I've seen is a 28.

I'm interested in doing some long exposures at night and film is the way to go, I think. I've got an old SRT201 that works great, I just don't have anything wider than a 50.
When I regularly shot film, that 24 lived on my camera most of the time.

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