Anybody using Capture One 5?


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Oct 23, 2009
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Miami, FL
I am just wondering whether anybody is using Capture One 5. I just wanted to know whether this software really makes a difference regarding correct skin tones...

I shoot weddings 95%. I currently use PS and LR. Is it worth getting Capture One? Did it improve your photography as much as the developers claim?

The developers of the software claim: "Notice the difference in the colors and skin tone. In the JPEG to the left you can see a rough transition between reddish skin tones. To the right you have the Capture One 5.2 portrait where the skin has the same color and a beautiful smooth transition."

Highly depends on your camera as each is handled differently. In other words, the final results depends on a combination; camera and software. Capture one is delivered with my Leica M8 and caused much debate among users. Many preferring Lightroom for its management capabilities but claim that the prints processed via Capture one was better for the M8 files. (closer working relationship between Leica and Phase one perhaps?)

In the end, LR is what I use because it is easier and better management. I can see slightly better results from Capture one and I think the profiles for my camera in Capture one are superior but not enough for me to deal with Capture One directly. Especially since I don't do this for a living.

You can download trials from both LR and Capture one for comparison.
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I received a copy of Capture One 4 LE with something I bought. I really liked if for post processing and printing, but as usayit pointed out the management capabilities were lacking. I couldn't justify the cost difference between LR and Capture One.

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