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Jun 14, 2014
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hi all,

I'm planning a weekend trip to Portland from Vancouver. While I'm there I'd like to go to several micro breweries.

Just wondering if anyone knew of a good area in Portland with a bunch within walking distance to one other.

Or if you have any favorites to suggest.

Sorry, I only know the Portland on the other coast :)

I bet @Derrel can chime in, though.
I would head to the west side of town, and hit Deschutes first, while your taste buds are still fresh, then head over to Fat Head's if you can walk a couple of blocks. In the same general area, as well as in all the suburban towns within a 50 mile radius, there are McMenamin's pubs and restaurants, often multiple ones, where you can pub n' grub. There are 118 craft brewpubs in the general tri-county area on the list.

This web site might be of a lot of help to you:

PDX breweries and craft beer pubs.png

Here's a screen cap of just the double handful of the closest-spaced pubs that have microbrews. The McMenamins have a lot of different brews on tap, and the tater tots are to die for...some of the McMenamin's theater/pubs are also fun, where you can have food and beers inside the theater area, and the pizza is surprisingly good.

Have FUN!!!!

You might like McMenamin's Edgefield, located east of the city, in what used to be an old, state-run poor farm, which has been converted to a reasonably priced hotel, with an on-site theater pub, as well as the Black Rabbit restaurant, which is pretty good. It feels like as 1920's hotel....NOT has about 75 acres of grounds. McMenamins - Edgefield Homepage

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Thanks so much for the info. I'm quite excited for the trip. I fell in love with Vancouver in 2008 and I hear Portland is quite similar so it should be a good trip all around. Few good beers and a few good hikes. And snap a few shots of course.

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