Anyone use a mechanical keyboard?


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Jan 31, 2015
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I've been looking into buying myself a mechanical keyboard because I'm just sick and tired of how membrane boards feel. I type a lot and so it make sense to buy a good quality keyboard where you don't have to press down all the way and have no tactile feedback.

So I'm just wondering if anyone here at TPF uses a mechanical keyboard at a regular basis and what switches you use and what your opinion on them.

For switches, I'm looking at the Cherry MX Brown and Reds.
Logitech K310, waterproof keyboard.
Black laser etched letters on white background.
Logitech K310, waterproof keyboard.
Black laser etched letters on white background.

That's the same keyboard that I have now. Its not a bad one, Just it bends a lot and the white keys are starting not to look white anymore and starting to wear the finishing off haha.

Its not mechanical either.

You can see it on my desk shot I took last night last night.

when I think of membrane keyboards I think of those squishy things.

I like mechanical. Or the tactic feel.
i have some older Dell keyboards that are much nicer than the newer stuff which is squishy.
I can pull the keys off the older ones and see the mechanisms.
The best KB I ever used was on the old Lear Seigler ADM-2. The biggest issue they had was the screw hole inserts for the fiberglass covers tended to pop out after disassembling them a hundred times or so. Even that could be fixed with a fiberglass patch kit.
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Logitech K740 here. It's got a beautiful tactile feel to it. I type a lot as well, and can't stand to work with anything but a mechanical keyboard. Even when working with my laptop, I have to use a mechanical keyboard plugged into it. I love my laptop, but can't stand those Chiclets keys on membranes that it's got.
I use the vintage, IBM clickey model M and have for many years. A must for writing code. The DAS model S blue or cherry is what I usually bundle with professional PC builds. The blue is firmer than the cherry and most preferred. Not to many builds these days though.

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I can't tell if I do or not tbh lol. I love the scissor-keys on my laptop, but my desktop has a Belkin ergonomic keyboard. I think it cost a decent amount back at a time since it was my mom's when she was doing transcriptions for hospitals. It has that clickity clackity sound when you press the keys. It's a different feel than another cheap Dell keyboard I have.
I'm a retired programmer and systems manager....I've been a key banger for a long time.....have never used anything but clickity type keyboards....I have always preferred the feel of Logitech over any others, plus under my punishment, they last longer....I learned to type on an old Underwood manual typewriter back in 1964.....
I have a Filco Majestouch2 104 key with brown MX switches at home. We've had it a while, and absolutely love it.

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