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    In motor drives. Sorry, I don't mean battery packs for digital cameras, but old battery eating, heavy Nikon MD-2's or MD-4's. I buy 2, 20 packs of Duracell AA batteries when I need them and it is just getting old trying to keep them separate when I recycle. It seems that they have Energizer 2500' everywhere, and I am wondering if anybody uses them or if there are some better ones out there. How do they hold up in cold weather? Any comments or experiences welcome. I have no problem carrying an extra set for what ever camera I am out with, so I will be buying at least 24 ( 3 eight packs ). TIA. I posted this here since I don't need to hear, buy a DSLR and a few battery packs and you will be set, blah, blah. Of course if this thread has to be moved, feel free.


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