Anyone want to help me shop for a Tripod..

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by RebelTasha, Dec 29, 2008.

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    (Sorry I posted this in the wrong place, it's not a review.. :( Needed it to go in the Beginners Forum.. sorry)

    If you really have nothing to do,,, if you are too busy go to another thread.. :)
    I have between $0-$75 Canadian Dollars I could push it a little...

    These are the stores I can shop from in Canada..

    Vistek is Canada's Camera Store, Shop for Digital SLRs, Digital Cameras, Video Cameras and more - Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Canada

    I need it to support a 35mm Elan ll with a 200mm lens..
    I know i don't have much option with my financial backing not being very large..
    I don't mind the ones with no pan handle.. I don't want one that will break in 2 minutes..
    I ordered one from Blacks that was half price thinking it was a great boxing day special but it ended up being a really poor one, but their customer service was kind and let me cancel it without any problems..

    I really like some that push to the $100 but then the max weight they can support worries me..
    Maybe I shouldn't get one at all... I want it for taking pics of my kids and the odd time I go on nature hikes..

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    If you can pop up to 130 Canadian, the Manfrotto 725B is a good choice. If you want a long lasting tripod, the Manfrotto is a nice starter - has an integrated ball head, and allows you to get about as close as 3 inches to the ground.

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