Anyone with any kind of job mind helping me out?

Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by DeepSpring, Sep 25, 2007.

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    EDIT: Someone has already replied and has been interviewed.

    For my silly Life Skills class I need to interview someone with a job so I can get a "wide variety of career choices" which makes sense for the 9th graders but for the 2 seniors in the class learning how to graduate seems kind of silly... it's a required class tho so what're you going to do.

    OKAY anyways I just have to ask you 10 simple questions about your job that only need a sentence or two response for each. If anyone is willing to help me out it would be greatly appreciated. You don't have to be a professional photographer (tho that would be nice). If you are interested just send me a pm with your job title so I can gear a few of the questions for what you do.

    Thank you very much


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