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Aug 9, 2010
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Northern Virginia
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A friend gave me a box of his old camera stuff. I'm wondering if I can make use of most of it.

I have a D90 with 2 G series AF zooms, the kit 18-105 and the 55-200.
I also have an F3 with a 30-105 zoom AI (I think). I have a Vivitar 28mm 2.8 and a Nikon 50 1.8.

In the box there is an N60 (basically junk I know), an SB-25, an SB-80DX, a Quantaray Turbo battery that won't charge, and 3 Tamron lenses. A 70-200 2.8 manual focus. It appears to work in A mode on my F3. There is a 200-400 AF 5.6 I think, and a 28-200 also a 5.6 AF I believe.

There is also a Nikon PK-3 extension tube?

I lean towards action/sports, street candids and would like to experiment with indoor off camera flash studio type shots of things and maybe later people.

Thanks for any insight you might have.


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