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arca-swiss for a manfrotto tripod head


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May 1, 2008
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Does anyone know if there is an arca-swiss adaptor to fit specifically to a manfrotto junior geared head? The junior geared head does not use the regular manfrotto quick release clamp and whilst I've found a regular adaptor for the regular I've found nothing that lets you fit an arca-swiss to the geared head.
Looks from the diagram that the QR clamp and arm are all one piece. The only way I know of that you could modify it would be to get an arca-swiss QR clamp and attach it to the top of the RC4 plate that came with the 410 Junior Gear head.
Sounds like a job for a welder to me to ensure a good bonding. I have to admit even though it would add a bit more height to the setup I'm tempted to have it done if nothing else because the current pad has a rather "slippery" rubber none-slip surface (yah you read that right).
Before you get out the welder, you might just try wrenching the clamp down real tight onto the RC4 plate. Use some loc-tite on the threads.

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