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Aug 22, 2021
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Hi. My name is Paul. My username is Roc Doc Revived. Why, Roc Doc is an informal name for a geologist (which I am) and Revived because I left UK, recovered from nasty Covid and now live in the wonderful country of Dubai 😉.
I have two Nikon bodies, a D300 and a Z6 II. 2 Nikkor zooms and a 60mm.
Although I have been record photographing from PentexME and Canon days I am now learning a more structured approach.
So, my question.
I have a carbon fibre Slik Pro624CF tripod, with the normal plate. I also have a gimbal for the Z6 which has a Manfrotto compatible plate.
Rather than change plates, is there an accessory adaptor that will fit the Slik head, with the Manfrotto clamp on top, so I can just use the Manfrotto plate on my cameras?
I've seen Manfrotto to Swiss-Arco but not Slik.
Many thanks in advance.

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