Archangel Swoops in on 3000 posts!


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Jan 10, 2006
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Just 7 more posts to go! :wav:

Newsflash: In a record-setting flurry of feathers and posts, Archangel has managed to fly up the chart to nearly 3,000 posts! He's a Darksider at heart, but is active on virtually every forum with great pics, helpful advice, and pithy comments (pithy is such a great word, doncha think?...whatta pithy I can't use it more often). Love your posts, and our Word Association duels-to-the-death. Congrats on this milestone.
:bigangel::boogie::clap::boogie::clap::boogie: :cheers::clap::boogie::clap::boogie::clap: :bigangel:

.................:band: :smileys: :band: :p :hugs:
Aprilraven said:
hey, angel baby....

congratulations... i am so proud of you.... good job on the 3,000 year old birthday...( wait... what??) oh, i i was thinking you were older than 3,000...

you know how much we adore you...and so dig you. congrats on your effort, and know you will always be our top angel... remember, i am there with you celebrating in spirit....( and dang, dont i look skinny in spirit???) luv ya, angel....

(Brought to you from the darkside....)
Congrats Arch! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :lovey: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
yay to the 3000 ;) you beat me to it yet again ;)
thanks for being here and for contributing to TPF ... love every post!

heres to the next 3k :cheers:
thats a whole lotta posts :headbang:
Calliope said:
Hey Angel... look at you at 3,000. You don't look a day older than 1000

Congratulations my friend! I love your work and your humor! Glad to have gotten to know you through this forum!
wow thanks!........... i didnt think i'd be recieving some of these messages.... so thanks for being the 'medium' anty ;) ...... and i'd like to thank all tpf-ers for providing great pictures and entertaining conversations which i enjoy being a part of so much........also when im being aggressive, its really a sign of affection :lol:
:band: :headbang: Congrats Arch:headbang: :band:
Glad to have you here. Thanks for all your support man!!
Anicole said:
Angelbaby ... 3k is a lot of fluttering your sweet feathers around! Congrats my winged friend ... thanks for sharing you and your talents with us.
you know we
you and are tickled pink that you found your way to the darkside ...
Archangel said:
wow thanks!........... i didnt think i'd be recieving some of these messages.... so thanks for being the 'medium' anty ;)

Cool, does that make me "the happy medium" that I've heard about? :p
Congrats arch on the big 3K, i always look forward to your shots. can't wait to see what the next 3K will bring... :thumbup:

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