#1 isn't doing much for me. I really am digging #2 though. The repeating lines and patterns make for a pleasing photo. My only suggestion would be to get rid of the lamp post in PP
Thanks for the comment. It was the subtle but contrasting colors that struck me in the first. As for the second, I did start removing the streetlight, but found it seemed to anchor(?) the shot. Not sure anchor is the right word, but it just didn't feel right when it wasn't there.
Yes, anchor is the word I would use. I'd even consider cropping the top a bit to make it a larger part of the frame.
Second for me, but rather than removing the street light, how about moving it to the left a bit so that the post is about centered against the stone.
I like the second photo a lot, but would remove the vertical shadow on the left and probably the street light. The right side of the fenestration need some solid frame todefine the edge. Hope this is helpful.

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