Are there some people you just can't get decent pictures of?


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Apr 29, 2010
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Second shoot with this family and I can not get ONE decent picture of her!

I don't understand. It just seems like her body or face or something does not translate well to print.


and this was at 1130am I asked her to wait until 6pm but her father was in town to watch the other kids.........
Maybe user error, beginner error, I don't know but it is frustrating. I need to tag along with someone and see what they do in full sunlight!
I was trying to think of a tactful way to say the same thing about that and the pants and shoes as well. I'm thinking it's just not the best outfit for photographs, I like erose's suggestions.
I know!
She is the sweetest girl in the world but just a tad unfashionable.
She is also 10 days PAST her due date, so I don't care, is the response I got from her when I suggested poses and such.
The thing is, she wanted me to reshoot her, so if you want me to shoot you, I don't care attitude is not going to cut it!
Now what to do so I can at least give her something?
Are we saying that the only problem here is the client's clothing? If that's the case, then isn't there a chance that the client will like the shots since presumably she likes her clothes? I haven't shot for clients so I don't know the nuances of these interactions. Are you worried that she'll dislike the shots for the same reason as you (clothing) but not admit to it? What was the stated client's reason for requesting a re-shoot? Did the same kind of thing happen?

I agree that these shots are not eye-catching, although I'm not sure how much of a role the clothing is playing. Let's face it, #1 has a busy background including some dead spots of grass and #2 has a pedestrian background as well.

Right now, you need to find ways to please a client given what you have. The only weapon in your arsenal at this point is PP so I would advise getting creative there. I'm thinking that a little more saturation, vignette (perhaps heavy) and possibly blurring of the background could go a long way with #2. For #1 you might start with a closer crop and see where you can go from there. There may be a variety of "gimmicky" things you could do that the client might like.
Honestly... I know we're not supposed to comment on the models... and I'm not saying this to be mean, but... her body shape isn't all that flattering, and the way that she's standing in the first shot emphasizes those flaws, I think.

The reason I don't like the second one is part of the reason I don't like the first either and that's the fact that she's not wearing clothing that flatters her. That shirt does NOTHING to emphasize her flaws... this would probably be a good client to have bring a few different outfits with them, and have them all a little varied so you have as many options as possible... and then as the photographer decide what will translate into portraits the best and have her wear whatever that is.

I don't think there's much you could have done because that shirt is *awful* on her.

Obviously, the woman is pregnant...the low-riding baby bump being sort of a clue as to why her body shape isn't, "all that flattering" and why she has "those flaws" the baby bump and the swollen ankles and that kinda' tired look that so,so many pregnant ladies have when they are that far along. And unfortunately most maternity tops look " *awful on* " greatly pregnant women with swollen tummies...
does it have to be full-length portrait? she has a cute face, why not head & shoulders or maybe just a headshot

^superquickie crop'n b/w conversion

I took the liberty to express what i mean, just shout and ill remove it ;)
1st of all.. I know nothing of the symptoms of pregnancy vs. someone just having a stomach because I have always been, am, and will always be disinterested in producing spawn of my own as a result of an intense phobia and a strong dislike for children. That intense phobia also prevents me from overanalyzing pregnant women or talking about ANYTHING pregnancy related in detail in order to prevent me from having to take a quick run to the bathroom before vomit ends up all over the floor. So sorry if I didn't pick up on the swollen ankles, tired look, and know women who find it offensive when you just automatically assume their pregnant. :er:

That being said.......

Just because a woman is pregnant doesn't mean she can't dress flatteringly.

You're my hero.
She is preggo, kind of wanted the belly in the pic! lol
A tighter crop still showing her pregnancy but eliminating the capris and swollen ankles. Still a pleasant shot. Still could go further and blur the back ground in post if you want. Photo is a little soft around face area.
My editing still has alot to be desired but this might give you an idea how to work future images if necessary. One point I would make is her right hand should be supporting her belly underside, this helps identify it as a pregnacy shot and is a natural pose.
did you take her left boob away? lol she needs that! :lmao:

No reason for the fence other then she wanted to stand on that side...
I think I said this last time about how I would suggest things and she would disagree....

oh well. nothing I can do now. live and learn.
did you take her left boob away? lol she needs that! :lmao:

Huh, she has what she had. No edit was done to her form except the crop and background blurring. Not sure what you're refering to.

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