Are you sick of "I can't decide which dslr camera" yet?


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Sep 25, 2007
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Maybe one more time? The never ending recommendations !!!!!!

I have a point and shoot finepix s700. It's been fun, but I want more out of a digital. I will NEVER stop shooting film but, I have some GREAT film cameras and it's time for a "better" digital too.

I have several Minolta film cameras and have some really nice Minolta and after market lenses. I have put together a fun collection of other nice film cameras but the Minolta srt series outnumber the others.
The point here being, I like camera systems with lenses I can use on several bodies. If I find I can get by and have great results with 2 or 3 lenses, GREAT!

At any rate, I'm ready to pick up a dslr camera that has a little more to offer in the way of exposure bracketing and other features yet to be discovered.

So far I seem atracted to the Olympus evolt 510 with the 2 kit Zuiko lenses because the 2 may suit most of my "needs". Another that looks interesting is the Pentax K10D.

I'm retired and don't want a professional photography career. I do want to be capable of great photos as I get better at composition and all that I need to improve on.

I have a starting budget of $800.00 and I want to get at least the body and one lens to start with.

The lenses I have probably aren't a factor.
I don't have any auto focus film camera lenses at this point. I have a handful of manual m42 lenses of various makes and several minolta factory lenses.

I'm not in a rush, but I want to be ready to jump on the right sale before Christmas or an after Christmas sale if the "right one becomes irresistible.

You never know, my lovely bride of 30 years may get generous and overcome her history as a former bank book keeper, right? I can dream! Wild crazy dreams LOL

Thanks for any advice forthcoming!

I would look into whether your old lenses fit on any newer cameras...

But if you want a lens system that isn't going anywhere...look at Canon or Nikon.

I shoot Canon, and I can say...with 800 bucks you can have quite a nice starter camera.

20D, a 50mm 1.8 and 2gb CF're golden...and ready to start expanding your lens arsenal.
Thanks Sideburns, I went out this afternoon to look at some in person. I have more Minolta factory lenses than any other factory ones, but I have a lot of after market m42 type lenses too.

I have a couple of pentax spotmatics that love most of the m42 lenses.

Thanks for the advice.

The Sony A100 will take any of your Minolta Maxxum mount lenses.
Those bodies are under seven bills these days.
I don’t think its that important, just buy one and play.
Every DSLR on the market is capable of taking good photographs. Establish your criteria and go for it.

There are a couple of criteria that will narrow the field somewhat. Your budget precludes FF but do you want in-body image stabilization, in-lens, or no interest one way or the other?
Sony took over Konica Minolta especially so they could build a relationship with photographers moving to digital from film who had prior Minoltas. Your lenses ought to fit (K-mont, I believe.)

The Sony Alphas are very good, and Sony has always been good at becoming market leaders in a chosen segment.
All this does is start the chorus of "my system is the best" "but my system os OK too and has this". Honestly, you should just buy what feels best to you because if you let others convince you to change your mind you wil always wonderif you should have.
I sincerely appreciate all the responses and the time taken to share your opinions which I respect.

I think they have shown a lot of practical considerations with out bias towards any one brand of camera.

It may seem strange but I don't own an auto focus lens for any of my film cameras. The only exception is for my digital point and shoot finepix s700. The rest are all manual focus.

I have checked out several dslrs again this weekend and handled them and there are features I like about each. I do like them all but I keep going back to check out the olympus 510 Evolt. I have to look a bit more deeply at how to do exposure bracketing with them compared to the canons or nikons.
I'm not sure if the 4/3 olympus system has negative ramifications that I am failing to recognize because of my lack of experience with dslrs. It sure is hard to be patient when I want a new camera LOL

Thanks Folks for the help!

You may wish to look at the pentax in your price range. At the price range thay have the most metal in their internal frame, and the k110 and k100 have anti shake built into the camera. Quite sturdy, and takes nice pictures at 6.1m

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