Argiope (testing out Sigma mini wide)


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Jan 10, 2012
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Greenville, SC
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Recently I got a Sigma MiniWide in Minolta MD mount for my Nex. It's not a true macro lens but it does 1:4 and does it nicely. I was out working on a picket fence when I noticed this writing spider (argiope) happily resting between two Hydrangea bushes. A few minutes after taking this photo the dog ran right through the web. He assumed I was out there to play ball with him. :/ These spiders look nasty but they are very docile. I did some post-processing on this, I realize that might be anathema for wildlife photos, but I'm on a split-toning kick.

Once he/she rebuilds the web I'll see if I can't get a better shot of the web itself. I'll be sure to keep the dog inside this time. :)
The new web is even more majestic, took a few more photos when I got up this morning.



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Cicadas are pushing up like daisies, malting, and enjoying the final days of summer and the end of their 17 year journey.


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