Artifact problems with FZ7


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Nov 19, 2007
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Hi all

I am trying to get some good shots out of my Panasonic Lumix FZ7 but always seem to run into Jpeg artifact problems. I have tried it set to highest quality, but still the images at 100% are full of artifacts.

The camera also shoots in Tiff. I thought this might be the answer to my problems, but to my eyes it looks exactly the same as the Jpeg, only ten times the file size.

I took some photos of the inside of a red cabbage, which should have come out with some nice clean lines, instead it looks terrible at 100%.

Example bits of image here:

What is going wrong? I thought with Tif the camera would output a better looking and artifact-free image...

many thanks
Looks more like reflections from the moisture, artifacts generally look more square as in the actual pixels. With tiffs you get the same picture but tiffs are not compressed, jpegs are. H
OK thanks, I will try it again with something less reflective!

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