As a last resort: Chew your way out


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Jun 24, 2007
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San Diego, CA
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Playing around with my SB600 and SB800 with the help of an umbrella and reflector.
I love it. The kid looks like he would actually eat the box, too..
Something that's obvious and you probably already know: the top of the head is cut off.

Otherwise fantastic job. The capture is great and you did a nice job with the lighting on the face.
I love it! Great lightning, it looks really good!
haha, what a great piece to evoke a smile!
made me smile :)

The image is a bit pale though ...
Thanks all! RKW3, I am so mad at myself about chopping her head like that.
I think perhaps the whole image appears pale because there isn't much color to it to begin with..just skin, box and wall. If I try to add warmth to her it just makes her look orange/yellow :(
hm, just give it a tiny bit more of saturation/contrast. just to get it over the edge without overdoing it... maybe that works.

or make it a b&w ;)
haha, very cute shot.
Alex_B - Thanks for that suggestion. For some reason I always miss the tinsy last refining pp on my edits. Thats a great idea! I will play later :)
Wonderful shot, and I mean it. The catch lights are great, you did good on the lighting.
Sometimes you can get away with cutting some of the head off if the face isnt dead center in the frame. It can work very well for some portraits if you want to give more focus to the face.

I love the expression and the setup in this one. Nice work. :)


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