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Dec 4, 2015
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I took this photo yesterday close to sunset up the coast from Los Angeles.

As you can see I have a glare of magenta..

I tried selective colors, clone stamp and some other ways trying to get rid of. Im just not very good at photoshop.

I have photoshop version cs5, and I dont have lightroom.

Any suggestions/critique?
el matador_opt.jpg
The magenta blob is lens flare.
Lens flare is a reflection internal to the lens of a bright light source(s) in or near the image frame.

In your case the lens flare is caused by the Sun.

Adding a filter to the front of a lens adds an air gap and an addition place lens flare can happen.

It is difficult, post process, to 'fix' lens flare. While lens flare my be mitigated, most of the time it is not possible to completely remove flare.
thank you. i appreciate your answer

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