Assortment of birds


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Jan 18, 2012
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John, nice to see some pics from you! They are fantastically sharp and have great colors!
I love the set. That's a great variety of really sharp photos.

Nice work!

Thanks Kris. I've found that I like the way they look when I'm shooting them from close up but, when at a distance I'm not pleased with the quality. I have also found that I seem to do better in low light. When it's sunny out I'm having issues. I guess I'm too used to the winter gloom and need to take some time off work to get used to the sun light when shooting. lol

Thank you Kevin. I'm for the most part happy with the Sigma when I'm close to my targets. I need some time off work so I can shoot some birds when not on the feeder.
i like the backgrounds on the feeder photos. Very nice.

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