attaching an optical lense (canon powershot a70)


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Aug 22, 2003
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fairfax va
heya im new here
i got a canon powershot a70 for my bday (im 15)
and ive only taken a thousand pictures with it

im kinda disappointed that it cant get a good snap of distant things so i was wonderin if its worth getting an optic lense (and if you can get one) cuz the most ive seen is a 3X zoom which doesnt do too much

any suggestions or is this the wrong camera to want to take the type of pictures i want.?
Your Canon is a very good small camera... the zoom range goes from 35-105mm which is pretty impressive and it covers a common zoom range for every day photography. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you can attach any extension lenses to your cam...
the optical zoom is like if i look through the regular sight (as opposed to the digital display) it looks the same as (same distance) if the camera wasn't there. when you zoom out, this get further away but you can see more. but it doesnt actually zoom unless i use the digitial zoom

(which has worked if i dont use the digital zoom all the way and only on certain shots)
You may have figured this out already, but there are quite a few attachment lenses for the A70. Various telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses can be found in stores or on something like e-bay.

The digital zoom, it seems to me, is next to useless - seeing that you can take any digital photo and resample the image on a computer to get better results than if you were to use digital zoom.

If what you are trying to do is capture an image from a distance, your best bet is to get the telephoto lens (I believe I've seen them come in 2.0X, 2.4X and 3.0X denominations). They are made by Canon, as well as a few other manufacturers.

Hope that helps!


PS - don't forget the adapter!

Adapter part # LADC52-C
Canon Telephoto Lens part # TCDC52
Canon Wide Angle Lens part # WCDC52

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