Attack on Titan Composite (C&C please)


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Mar 23, 2012
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Another photo from Katsucon - posed the ladies against a wall and now I've cut them out in PS and did some shadow and background work. C&C please. I want this to look good.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 5.42.24 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 5.40.50 PM.jpg
It's sooo small to evaluate...can't really see much, but I can mentally extrapolate and predict that it would look better if you blurred the edges around the gal in the center, especially down on the boot and feet level--it's too obviously a composite. And maybe paint on a little bit of darkening on the gals...they look too bright against the greenish backdrop. Looked at it again...yes, the central figure's boots and pants need some edge work,. same with the gal on the right, especially low to the ground. The nearest background stuff and the legs and boots where they hit the ground need to be made just a bit more indistinct, and a bit darker.
Thanks for the feedback!

Here's an edit with some extra blur and darkeness.
Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 8.43.19 PM.jpg
One thought: maybe carefully burn down the sword held by the woman on the far left, the bright one in her left hand? I think that strong diagonal is hurting the impact of this as a group shot.

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