Aubrie Eva Marie


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Jul 31, 2006
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Im trying to get back into taking pics, and my poor wee one is probably blind by all of the flashes! :lol: Her grandmas want a nice portrait style shot, but of course every time I try a planned shot I get nothing, so I tried taking a candid that I liked and then a photo of one of my backdrops and adding it in PP, what are your thoughts? Is it horrible?
Pretty good for what sounds like a spontaneous shot. I would suggest using more segments when cutting in PS, the hairline in particular has some fairly sharp transitions and linear sections. No it is not horrible, lighting is a bit flat but that is to be expected from a non diffused flash or proper studio setup.

I think the first photo you posted is excellent and I'm sure her grandmas would love it! The second larger photo seems out of focus to me, the eyes are not showing as sharp.
Funny because they are the same photo! The strongest focus is on the orange soft thingy.. not her orange nose.

Another tip, when cutting set your selection tool to feather 2 or 3 (more or less depending on scale and pixel resolution) pixels and select a fraction outside the perceived edge. See how here cheek has a nice softness compared to your cut.. Also come into the selection at an oblique angle just outside the point where you want to begin cutting.

You can also rough cut outside the area of interest and then fine tune the eraser (brush hardness) to have a more interactive type of control over the subtractive process.


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