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Oct 9, 2007
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Harlem New York
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so ya i got accepted to try out for the UFC. if u guys arent aware of it. i leave december 13th for traing, i do jeet kune doe, and brazilian ju jitsu . look for me. sorry for talk im just happy. even know it doesnt necessarily mean im in im excited i get to try out. oh heres a pic of me for the **** of it lol.

Oh damn that's sweet, UFC is so tight. In wrestling some of the kids there also do some sort of UFC thing. Crazy.

Good luck, keep us tuned in on what happens.
Awesome! We were just watching that last night. Hope you get in!
Wow dude, best of luck! My hubby-to-be is a MASSIVE fan of the UFC (he only has EVERY UFC dvd in existence, along with some burnt dvd's that a lot of ppl DON'T have). He does a bit of fighting too.

I get right into it too....I have a bit of a crush on Forrest Griffin :blushing:. Much to hubby-to-be's amusement.

An ex workmate of mine in Toronto tried out for TUF in 2005, got to the last stage but didn't get further then that unfortunately.

Here's hoping you make it! We'll look out for ya!

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