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May 23, 2007
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Has anyone here had stuff shipped to Ontario from B&H? I'm just wondering how much tax did you have to pay (GST or PST), and about brokerage fees.

I paid for the 75 dollar fedex express...and photography equipment is duty free...but I still ended up paying $105 on my 70-200 4.0L I got a couple months ago...

12 in duty, and the rest in tax.

No problems at all though...and they're really nice to deal with other than they close for every holiday known to man.
what tax percent did u pay? gst? pst? 7%? 8%? Thanks for the reply though.
You pay the regular GST and PST. If you send via UPS from the USA to Canada, they will rape you with brokerage fees that range from 25% to 100% of the value of what you are receiving. Use FEDEX or USPS... never use UPS!!
I forget which tax...but you should be able to figure out 105-12 = 93 (93/700) * 100 = BOTH.

assuming ~700 for the lens, plus the rest to = `800. I forget the exact figures, but I know it added up to approximately 800 bucks..and it was 105 ...12 being duty.

Hope you figure it out.

Ends up being almost the same price as Henry's...
I just got a camera body, lens & memory card from B&H, paid $47 for the shipping (UPS) and then $54 in brokerage & tax (I tink it was PST, but I could be wrong). I think the duty was only $10-12. Fedex may end up cheaper in the end despite the initially higher shipping fee. B&H is AMAZING :hail:, I messed up and ordered the wrong lens, and they let me exchange it straight away with no hassle.

Even with the shipping and brokerage fees, I still saved over $250 by buying from them.

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