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Jun 29, 2008
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just got home from iraq, in california now
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took this pic in animal kingdom at the end of august, just put it through some filters in PS. tell me what you think or what i should do better thx.
The subject seems washed out compared to the backgroun, and sort of blends in on the left side and the eye just passes over it. Sorry, I'm not a huge fan.
well thx for your opinion i spose i could rework it in PS and see what i can come up with. i didnt think that the comp was that bad but to each his own. i will take your consideration though ty
Needs some contrast work. Like the other poster, I'm not overly impressed. If you like the shot and the subject, it would be an easy one to outline, copy it to a new layer, do some blurring on the background and that may bring the main subject back to life because you're separating it from the background. It would be some easy post work and may "save" the shot. Just a thought.

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