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Mar 28, 2013
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Rowlett, TX
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New baby girl! This is the photo I took for our birth announcement. Feedback?
[URL=] 36085 by MrMessy on Photography Forum[/URL]
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I would have arranged the blankets so they looked less bunched up with so many folds of fabric. Maybe try setting up and using a teddy bear or whatever before you get her in the picture, then adjust the blankets as needed. Otherwise I'd just stick to positions that are ways you'd position a newborn anyway, and try different vantage points to get one that looks best. Looks like she has a little frown or grimace, if she does that I might try another shot after it passes, or at another time if need be when she's alert and has been fed and changed and whatnot.
Congrats! I prefer more baby, less blanket. I'd lose the headband, too. Never was a fan of the "girly" headbands, not that any of mine liked things on their heads anyway:)

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