Baby Rhino Photos - First time photographer


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Sep 12, 2010
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Near Milton Keynes
Took these pictures at the Zoo last Thursday (I borrowed someone's camera), what do you think of them? :D





Very nice, I think! :D ... #3 is probably my favorite because it's not immediately obvious that he's in captivity, whereas the others all have some fence or concrete visible. I don't however, like the weird angle of his head.

#2 is really nice imo, good personality, but the dark shadow on the one side annoys me... I'd like to look into his eyes better. Also, his feet are cut off.
Please do not take this wrong but they are run off the mill boring. Again I say that with sincere intent to help you. Many take these kinds of photos (including me) They are documentary at best and not very good ones at that. Professionals have much better documentary photos than these so by comparison they are boring.

Now lets explore how to make them not boring but rather awesome instead. The answer is in cropping.

Photo # 1 is point and shoot like BUT That head tilt is full of awesome potential!
Therefore crop off the right 1/3 and the left 1/3. Also the top 1/4
You no longer have a boring documentary full body shot you have a frame full of emotion, attitude and personality.
You might even trim it more than I suggest to get that head tilt attitude displayed best.

Shot 4 needs similar large scale cropping help. Shot 2,3 and 5 are almost there but could use a little tweaking.

There is a better crop to be had in almost every photo is a principal I live by.
Thanks for the advice! I had a go editing the first one, is this what you mean?


Yes I think you have captured the emotion of the moment much better with this crop. I just love the attitude that is conveyed here. It is much more up close and personal as if the rhino is giving me personally "the eye"
I totally agree with sobolik you have something that shouldn't be wasted in these pictures

to be honest with you I'm new to photography but I can see something valuable in these pictures.
I personally love #1 & 5 but #5 would've been much better if you had captured the baby Rhino by itself

anyway I did some work on # 1 through Photoshop I hope this help you to see what I'm talking about

good luck :D
I think they are great hes so cute 2 is my fav:)

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