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Feb 6, 2006
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I've posted a shots of this bridge before. I keep going back to it. I wanted to get back to this site after the river melted, and right now the water levels are at their highest, so I got lots of light reflection.

As always, I'm very interested in suggestions for how I could have made this better. I'm still a newbie at all this, so anything I can learn to improve is much appreciated!

I would have liked to get the body of the bridge a little more to the right, but heavy treeing on the river bank was preventing it.

Yes, upon looking at your photo, also my first impression was "If only he had turned a bit more to the right to include all of the bridge in the frame". But you say that from where you stood it just was not possible?

Exposure-wise I think this is really good, all the details are still to be seen, yet it is not too bright in the lighted parts ... do you remember the f-stop that you chose for taking this?

Be always grateful to your town or those who live/work in or run that building in the centre with the blue lights, those blue lights really add quite something to the overall photo.
Personally I like shots that are off center...
I think you ave an excellent photo here.
Perhaps if you are unsatisfied with the placing of the bridge, you could crop out the left side of the pic so that the bridge appears more center? Just an idea...
Hmm... I dont mind that its off-center, but it seems to me a bit crooked? Maybe thats just because the other side of the bridge isnt there?
i might be able to offer some suggestions, what kind of camera? film? lens? settings? etc are you using
Thanks for all your comments! Indeed, I would have had the bridge a bit more to the right, but I would have ended up with some trees on the riverbank pretty dominant in the left side of the frame. It's hard to find an opening between the trees in that area.

Here's the specifics:

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
Shutter: 1 sec.
F-Stop: f/9
ISO: 800
Focal Length: 41mm
Lens: 18-55 (stock lens)

If anyone has anything more to add based on that info, I'd love to hear it.



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