Backdrops - I'm getting a couple - Any tips on hanging it or care?


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May 20, 2007
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I have decided to get 2 backdrops. Both are 10x20; one is white and the other is black. I don't have them yet, but will in a few days.

From experience, how do you hang them the most? I plan to use these primarily in one room of my house, and then take them on-site from time to time. In my home, there is no good place to hang the backdrop. I mean, there is a good wall, but no good places up top to mount it.

Also, how do you store your backdrops? How do you care for them? Howabout transporting them?
Mine came in their own little bags for storage. I hang them using my backdrop stand but a length of metal pipe should work in your home. Any utility "ladder hanging style" hooks screwed into the wall should work.

As far as maintenance... the most I have to deal with is wrinkles. So on location (which is 99% of where mine go), I do one of 3 things. 1: don't worry about them if you do not use a backdrop light (gives it a little texture), 2: I use a portable steamer iron (mostly the steam) while they're hanging, and 3: (just learned this one) If you can leave it up at location overnight (or for a few hours) use a spray bottle with warm water to get it a little damp and the wrinkles will fall out when it dries.

That's my deal.
I've got somthing similar to that. It takes a few minutes to set up but it works well.

In your home, you could mount a rod/pole to the wall...or you could put grommets in the fabric and use them to hang it from just about anything...including a track & roller system.
As for how to store everything else, it depends...

If you don't mind wrinkles...just fold it up (or if you like them, ball it up). If you want to avoid will want to roll it up or keep in hanging.

Different fabrics will respond differently to folding and you'll just have to figure out what works best for you.

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