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Discussion in 'People Photography' started by BlueEyes01, Sep 13, 2008.

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    Ok, I did this "shoot" for a friend of mine. The lighting in her house was poor and we had a very wiggly baby (until she fell asleep). I'm trying to use only manual settings but with poor lighting and a wiggly baby, I messed up a lot of good shots and am overall disappointed (but not discouraged). I'm also forcing myself to turn off the LCD and use the eyepiece which helps with the steadyness a little.

    These are some of the best ones, I'm not overly excited about any of them, my friend says I'm too hard on myself but this forum has taught me to look very critically at my photos, which, i'm thankful for because I know I'll become a better photographer that way. Any feedback is welcome.

    #3 I love the look caught between mom & baby but I dont like the placement of moms arm and the fact that the shot is over-exposed.

    I have done some minor touch ups to all of these in PS, mainly hue, saturation, contrast, color balance changes. Also some slight healing brush for shiney spots.


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