Balloon Ride to Nowhere (C&C Welcome)


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Sep 2, 2005
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I always liked carnival rides for pictures for some reason. Lots of wacky colors and stuff. Something about the pattern of this one and the arc and angle struck me as cool. Any thoughts welcome. Thanks for looking.

I realize now I'm bumping these but it hasn't been that long since I posted them, actually. I forgot how late I was up. :)
Hm, nothing on this one. I actually liked this one the most of the four I posted. Always fascinating to see what people respond to on here. Ah well.
I like it, but I would maybe play with the colours a little bit, there is a lot of blue in the picture and it seems to cause a slight blue cast to the image. Also, I would have cropped tighter in on the left, and tried to get all of the yellow balloon on the right in frame, but I'm no expert on these kind of things, and I think it's cool you took a creative shot like this :)
hmmm... lessee... rev2...

balloonride rev2.jpg

I tried to pull out the blue and also tried to give it a bit more pop, though to be honest I think this one already had PLENTY of pop. :lol: The colors hurt my head!!! :lol:

I think this is the most subtle change of all this evening's re-dos. :)

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