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Oct 30, 2007
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My friend has a hardcore band and has asked me to take some pictures.
I'm curious to how i should go about doing this. Seeing that I want the blur of him yet still having him visible. This will most likely be at a club that there will be stage lights.
I know it will base on the situation but I am just curious.
Any input will be greatly appreciated.
you could a slightly longer 1/15...or you could use flash and a long freeze him and then get his trail...but that's a bit complicated...
experiment with long shutter speeds like 1/15 or around there...
a tripod could help.

Also, don't be afraid to get photographically correct pics. I know in this scene, it's accepted to get crappy blurry pics...but that's mostly because scene kids have crappy cameras. If you can take nice pics it.
thanks dude.
and yea. but i would like to get at least a few like that.
any ideas on angles?
My friend has a hardcore band and has asked me to take some pictures.
I'm curious to how i should go about doing this.
I say point the camera at him and trip the shutter

But anyway I think the beauty of using digital is that you can experiment and get instant feedback on how your experiments work. I say just try as many different lens shutter speed aperture flash combinations you can ovr the course of the show and see what works for you.
I'm not sure what camera you have, but look up in your manual how to set your flash to 'rear-sync'. This will make the motion blur in the picture look a bit more natural. Chances are your going to be using a slow shutter speed to shoot inside a dark concert hall, but if your shooting digital just shoot and experiment. On some cameras you can set your flash to compensate either up or down to lighten or darken the areas that are lit up by the flash, this will be helpful too. From there, just adjust your shutter speed, lower will bring the ambient background light out more, and higher will isolate the subject.
Thanks everyone for the feedback.
I definately will be experimenting all night and I am bringing a tripod.
Let's just hope no accidents occur IE: Someone runs into me=p
anyways thanks.
Do you have any insurance on your equipment? If not... you should.

There is nothing more disappointing than when a guy or a gal thats had a few spills 1/2 a glass of beer on your shirt... and the other 1/2 on your camera or flash. Instant dead camera unless you have something like a D200 that has some minimal amount of water protection.

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