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Could it be all these lines are a little chaotic? :scratch:
Just maybe? ;) ;) ;)

What lovely conversion (and I take it this IS a conversion and not a photo taken on B&W film to begin with?)! Interesting contrasts.

But I really don't know what "Banyan" means???
I can see the chaotic, but more than that, I see the very strong vertical lines. I love how you can peer into the image and see another little detail that you hadn't noticed previously - that's rather more prevalent in the original RAW than perhaps here. So yes, it is a conversion from a shot taken on the 350D.

As for banyan, all is explained over here --> banyan
nice how you just commented on your own photo. if you say it's good, than it must be true :)
nice photo
i also like the strong vertical lines and detail
it's abstract but you can still tell what it is
No, no flash involved in this, though I can see why you might have thought that. The effect here is just down to the colour of the tree bark, the depth of the shadow areas and the processing.

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