Battery Russel Oregon: Ababdoned Stairewell

In this instance, the stairwell would benefit from contrasts of shadows and light.
Without reshooting it under different light, you can bump contrast a little:

In this instance, the stairwell would benefit from contrasts of shadows and light.

would you care to elaborate? I'm new to this any pointers would be awesome

I would try a non-HDR shot to give the photo more dimension. In your original HDR shot, the lighting turned out bad--there is no drama. Shadows/strong light can help create drama and depth to a photo.
ya I plan on investing into some portable lighting here soon to help with that...I think this turned out ok for what was there though...
Not really felling this photo, and here's why:

1) The composition. While this is an interesting angle, there isn't much in it. You're only showing us about 3 and 1/2 steps and a small, what appears to be, window. The rest of the photo is just dirty walls. The way the lines are set up in this photo actually pull your eye away from the subject, which there also isn't a very prominent subject to begin with. When lines tend to just begin and end abruptly, you are essentially making the viewer wonder what more there is and therefore look towards the part of the photo where there is nothing.

My recommendation to fix this would be to try again with a wide angle lens and from the bottom of the staircase. Give the impression that the staircase leads somewhere, as opposed to just beginning and ending.

2) The processing. It's just not there. HDR is used more and more to simply accentuate detail and that really isn't what it's intended purpose is. Though some photos will be very successful by doing so, a good portion just appear to be overcooked for the sake of pushing what can be done with a HDR algorithm.

So to keep it simple, this photo is lacking in composition and doesn't necessarily need any HDR treatment besides what could be done in the camera RAW profile.
i have to agree with Robert.
while there are lines from 3/4 of the photo, and they do converge, but to what? almost anyting on that upper step, a frog, a vase, a pair of legs/feet/shoes would have done this wonders especially with a contrasting tone.
The first step you see in the photo is the first step on the staircase its not very tall this was shot with a Tokina 11-16 @ 11mm from ground lvl tilted upward. I didn't intend to have any particular subject as much as an abstract image. The only thing outside that doorway was an incredibly bright sky I shot this from a few different angels this one had the most drama for me, it is just an old abandoned military installation after all...But I do agree better lighting and a RAW edit will be my next attempt if I go back down there again. Thanks for the replies...

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