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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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well, I'm not sure when it started getting DARK at 7pm, but obviously summer is coming to an end and it is getting dark early.

Between my other beach photos I posted last night and these, there is a total of less then 10 minutes! lol


What was your shutter speed ? i would have lowered it or uped the ISO to make the background a bit brighter
yes, I had a total brain fart and totally forgot about ISO, so my ISO was set at 200! I had been at the beach for 1.5 hours, they were THAT late! I stayed because it is a drive to get over there... I was not in the best mood, I had my 3 kids with me also and they were so ready to go!
What do you shot in, if you shot raw you can still up the brightness and get the shots to be really good...I think the first is better as far as a photography standpoint, but the second is better based on the subjects themselves...second looks too burned, if that makes sense...
I shot in Raw. I already upped the exposure by 2.00 :meh:
I used to forget my iso all the time. It's fine, and it's something that you will learn, by very hard lessons to remember. The last time I screwed up a shoot from forgetting about iso I completely lost half of the pictures from the shoot because they were blurred from a slightly slower shutter speed than was needed.

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