Beach In Maine please comment

if you can crop the right side just a bit more to get rid of the shed - very nice
The little bit of beach in the bottom right corner i dont really like, and the shed thing like cnco said, but i think this is awesome. if ya had a working light house id buy a print.
very nice atmosphere with the lighting and fog...

the composition seems a bit off to me though... it feels very wishy washy in terms of what your subject is...

what is your theme for the photo? if you had to have a 1 word title what would it be?
Nice light and atmosphere... I'd crop much of the sky out though... too much dead space for me. I'm thinking a non-standard wide crop would look nice.
That looks way down east there bub.
Eh, you have about the same amount of sky and waves. I think I'd like a crop with just a bit less sky.

I wonder what it would look like in black and white? Or with some cooler, blue-er tones?
very nice pic, a touch more saturation or a slower shutter speed would have boosted the color a tad

You'd be surprised, as far as documenting what the Maine Coastline is like, this is pretty accurate (depending on if there's dense fog). Everything is kind of just gray.
Yeah..."gray"...that's the way it often is. Still, I think the image could benefit from some really careful image processing. It looks to me like the lower tonal values are a bit compressed, or to use the technical term, "all smooshed together". I think maybe the image would benefit from having the Levels set in the red,green,blue channels individually, and then having the tone curve adjusted, so that the darker tones have more what is called local contrast. This is a pretty decent source image, not a really "great" picture, but not too bad. A real Photoshop jockey could make this Pop! visually.
Thought I'd have a go at it, being from, and currently in Maine. Your profile doesn't say whether it's kosher or not to edit your photos, so I'll take it down if you would like.

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I like the photo - Do you know where in Maine you shot this? Bar Harbor area has some beautiful places to shoot.. I would like to see this same shot on a similar day with the water smoothed out.. not that there's anything wrong with this.. I just prefer water to show its movement over freezing it.. The waves sort of draw attention away from the house, but that's just IMO.. A great photo .. Certainly captures Maine's coastline, & nice to see a beachline photo without the sun shining and beach goers, etc. etc.
Lot's of good suggestions above. I don't want to lose the forest for the trees -- it is an excellent shot and will go over the top with some careful PP.

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