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Jun 25, 2009
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Hey I would really appreciate if anyone could critique/help with these photos! Thanks!

ONE - I took this photograph of my friend, but does it bother you that half her face is shady?


TWO- same problem (w/ shady head)? but it was honestly so hard to get close enough to these birds w/ just my kit lens...Need to make some money :)

THREE- I literally sat in bird poop rocks for 30 minutes before they flew over me, finally hahah!

FOUR- I added a little purple tint w/ post editing
DSC_0573 by Ashlorraine, on Flickr[/IMG]

FIVE- Im kinda iffy about this photo...do you like it or is it just blah?

SIX- Ok this isnt necessarily for critique but I just thought it was really cute!! hahah i love my dog...even though he doesn't behave, clearly..

Thanks Everyone!!
1. Yeah I think the fact that her face is shaded almost symmetrical is kinda throwing me off.

2. While a cool shot of the bird, the composition seems kinda boring. Also I didn't even realize that pic had sky in it for the longest time.

3. I really like how this one turned out, it looks nice.

4. While I like it, I'm not sure if I like the fact that all of the other leaves/branches in the shot go right up to the horizon/mountain line, yet none go over. I'm curious how this might have looked from a slightly lower angle.

5. Seems kinda blah to me.

6. Awesome dog, is he a husky? (I'm assuming he is but not familiar with them enough to be sure.)
3,4,&5 looks great. any PP done to 3?
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3 and 4 are EXCELLENT. Very nice, especially 3.
The shady-ness of one doesn't bother me as much as the over-exposed chest going on. No I'm not a prude or anything, lol.. But this is the third picture or so I've here in a week's time where the woman looked ready to "fall out" at any moment. Be careful posing women and aware of how their shirt/necklines are falling across (or hanging off) their torso's...unless you're purposely aiming for budoir photography. As it is, the pose just isn't flattering with her choice of clothing.

I love the last shot of the dog, adorable =)
pretty good over all really love three four and five she is a beautiful model just a little bit softer light would probably be better or have her in a spot were the light was slightly a little softer and could light more of her face.
I noticed the shirt too, but figured it was done purposely. The shadow is distracting but not so much that it kills the shot.
I agree.. number three is beautiful!
ONE - I took this photograph of my friend, but does it bother you that half her face is shady?

No, in fact having half the face (or there abouts) in shadow is a good thing. It creates depth and interest in the subject.

What you do have going on not in your favor is the harsh side lighting. This is overexposing and blowing out the white in her blouse and certain parts of her skin. Due to the position of the planets, camera and model, this is also causing a huge snozz shadow in her hair and a straightline shadow from her chin. Slight adjustments in the latter two could have lessened the effect. Not so interesting.

Another remedy would have been to place a diffusion panel to her left to reduce and soften the sun light coming in. Additionally, a white bounce board to her right would have brought back some of the detail (and lessened the snozz). Not always practical if you're shooting solo, but remedies nonetheless.

The "falling out" is kinda sexy, but not overtly.

Thanks for sharing.

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