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Sep 14, 2010
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Phoenix, Az
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Hi All;
Im new here... been lurking long enough. Decided to post a pic to see what I get. This is my dog who has been paying the price for my new camera... shes not thrilled to model for me. Anyway, glad to be here and I have enjoyed this site so far and look forward to all the good advise for my hobby! :)

Welcome, and +1 point to you for not posting a picture of a cat. :p
hi jenny

it's not bad.. the eyes are in focus and thats the biggest thing...

down the line you may want to look into off camera flash - gives you many more creative opportunities than the onboard flash does!
You nailed the focus and are using DOF well. The only 'thing' I'd mention is what syphlix already mentioned... the onboard flash is making the image flat, lacking depth. I recently read on the I believe it was, that the most bang for the buck item you can purchase is not a new lens or editing software suite, but a flash you can use off camera. I got a Lumipro 160 ($160) and I agree completely. I now have 2. :)
There is something wrong with the exposure on the right side of the picture. Not sure exactly what it is. But it looks a bit underexposed, his hair more specifically.

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