Beach Photoshoot Depth of Field


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Aug 6, 2003
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I am doing my first photoshoot with a model this weekend at the beach. I am unsure whether to have a shallow or larger depth of field for the shots.

In my mind it's nice to have a larger DOF for shots that have really nice backgrounds, in this case the sea and when it's a less attractive background such as sand dunes to have a shallow DOF to make the model stand out. Perhaps a mixture.

What would people here suggest for this?

Any other tips on shooting outdoors would be great! The shoot will take place about 2 hours after sunrise.
I don't's my opinion that a small DOF is desired. I mean otherwise the beach is your model. I'd take duplicates, big and little DOFs.
The general rule in portrait photography is to use a small depth of field. When the backgroudn drops out then the model looks better. The exception is when you're shooting someone who specifically wants the background in focus. i.e. a corporate exec who is in front of a company logo. But it may not be a bad idea to experiment a little with some of the more beautiful backgrounds.

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