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Aug 30, 2006
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What do you think about this one? I am not sure about the crop / composition.

Actually, right now it is un-cropped, and no serious post-processing has been done.

nice. the curve of her cheeks and hair have a certain continuity. very unique shot.
thanks for the first comment on my first portrait-like shot I posted on this forum ever ... if I remember right :)

now I think I should have cropped it so I get rid of the horizon.
I like the pic...she has a lovely, unselfconscious smile and the curve of her cheek, with the sprinkling of freckles, and that curving lock of hair tucked behind her ear, all combine to make a nice candid shot.
thanks for even calling it candid :)

does anyone think I should postprocess? work on the skin or colour a bit?

I am a bit helpless with this one, as you know normally I do not ask so many simple questions ;)
If you don't change anything it'd still be okay. But if you're worried about the horizon. just rotate a snudge. Keep the crop!
There are so many curves complimenting each other in this photo. Not just her cheek and hair behind her ear. You have capture what I consider a wholesome feeling.

Could just be my eyes today, but I get a hint of the same color in the horizon as in her headgear. I wouldn't crop it out if it were mine. Nicely done.
i dont think you should touch a thing on that picture except maybe take out the horizon. i think you caught a great moment and you shouldnt alter it. there is something thats really honest and real about that shot (probably her smile).

its a beautiful snapshot.
thanks to all of you .. so first thing I will try is just straighten the horizon ...

seems like most people like it (the image) .. or her ;)
just a little *bump* before I might post the alternative versions ;)
so, which is the better crop now?


Without the horizon is better....her right eyelash can be seen just beyond bridge of her nose, try removing it.

Candid is the word. nice.....
Nr.2 is the best..thats what i belive though.
sounds like you all speak with one voice! ;)

Thanks for the hint with the eyelash!

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