Bear the cat is lucky to be alive!


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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So there I was having a great morning, had a good chat with Mrs. Squirrels, my coffee was pretty much done, my day all planned out and I was getting camera gear ready, I had to change from my 400mm to 50mm so I can bring the camera out while I work in the garden in case some neat bug comes along, that's when it happened.

I pull the 50mm out and put it on the kitchen table, phone rings so I go across the room to get it, short call I'm done and look back at the kitchen table and there is Bear sitting beside the lens and I know what is coming... you see Bear has a thing for knocking glasses of water off of the table etc to get a rise out of you, do we see where we are going with this?

I look at him, he looks at me and starts pushing, I move, he stops and looks again and I SWEAR he winked at me!! I run to try to catch it but alas as soon as I moved he pushed it the rest of the way off the table and runs. Thank goodness it wasn't the 400mm or he would have used up the rest of his 9 lives in one fell swoop!! The lens looks ok, fingers crossed, damn cat :grumpy:.

Bad Kitty! Bad bad kitty!

What to do in case of a bear (cat) attack.
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Ha! I think it's Bear who should be on high alert for a human attack today ;)
Did you know 50mm lenses bounce when they hit the floor from a bar height table? Unfortunately I can confirm that fact. :grumpy:
It's a horrible horrible noise too!
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We have a cat that does stuff like that. With him it's "Hey this item isn't USUALLY here on this counter, therefore I shall remove it for you." >CRASH<

He pushed my LAPTOP off the counter once, and this despite the little rubber nubbies. Nothing like an 18lb maine coon cat with an agenda.
Little stinker!!!!

You need the classic paperback field manual, "Nine Ways To Skin A Cat," By A. Angry Gretsky, published in 1956, by Harper-Collins, NYC.
Yes, and the book should be opened to the relevant section, so Bear can see what "could" happen, next to the item. Oh, he'll pretend he's illiterate, but anyone who watched cats knows better.
Just stick some tape sticky side up around a glass of water on the counter. Keep doing this over and over until he gets the point. :)
You left a toy out for the cat and expected him not to play with it? Especially a 50, which is about as big as a medium-sized rodent.
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You left a toy out for the cat and expected him not to play with it? Especially a 50, which is about as big as a medium-sized rodent.
Or a small water glass lol! I know right! I seriously need to remember that having these three run around is like 3 toddlers, they are always up to something!

I scoffed at this idea yesterday but last night it was tempting! I have no idea what got into them but they decided it was a night to settle all outstanding differences in multiple battle royals! Because of the big rooms at the front of the house everything echoes upstairs to our room so sleep was not an option.

This is Miss Emily's cat Paws, he looks quite innocent doesn't he? Yeah, no, he is the instigator, under a year old and always challenging the other boys which is I'm sure what started last night.

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I have a "pusher", too! :lol: It's kinda cute when it's nothing worse than wine corks or other non-breakables...not so much when we have to lunge to save something. She's a brat. :lovey:

Naughty Bear!!

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