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Mar 11, 2008
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South Korea
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Hey guys, one of my favourite sunset taken while and still on vacation in Tobago. Taken from the fishing village of Plymouth. Any C&C appreciated.

Lovely shot, rjack. It looks like a beautiful place.

I don't think it needs changing, but if it were mine I'd consider bringing the boat out more, maybe by darkening the boat or lightening the foreground a tad. You also might consider bringing out the sun's reflection in the water a bit more.
Beautiful picture

The only thing I would do, is clone out the buoys on the right, plus a couple of other dark specks in the water
Killer shot!
Nice sunset. I definitely missed the boats on my first look at the photo. If you had a chance to recompose to put them closer to the sunset, that would probably put the focal points in the same location -- I'd like that composition better.

Just my 2 cents, value decreasing daily!
it made me one to hit the beach again..

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